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About Claudia Rottenberger

Claudia Rottenberger: Texas Realtor & Real Estate Expert

About Claudia

Real estate has always been the perfect fit for Claudia Rottenberger. With over two decades of client experience, bilingual abilities (fluent in both English and Spanish), and an extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, Claudia has developed a comprehensive understanding of her clients' needs. She applies this knowledge to every real estate transaction, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and care.

No transaction is too small for Claudia. She believes in treating each client with honor and respect, rolling out the red carpet for everyone she works with. As a tech-savvy professional, Claudia is highly responsive and consistently adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market.

Collaboration and Teamwork

What sets Claudia apart in the industry is her emphasis on collaboration. She firmly believes that the process of buying and selling real estate requires teamwork, with clients always taking the top priority. Working closely with her clients, Claudia dedicates herself to helping them achieve their most significant milestones and realizing the American dream of homeownership. She pours her working hours into assisting clients in reaching this critical turning point in their lives.

Personal Life

Outside of her professional life, Claudia cherishes her time with her family. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Christian, her amazing children, and their two dogs, Zoe and Hercules. Claudia is an avid reader, focusing on finance and real estate topics to further her expertise in the field. She has also been playing the piano since a young age and delights in performing classical music pieces.

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